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What Should Reliable Packers and Movers have?


Shifting from one place to another can be very stressful both mentally and physically. It gets even harder if you are alone and there is no one to help you.

Even if you do it all by yourself, you can imagine how stressful, and tireless work it can be and you might even get sick by working all day moving your stuff. Sometimes, we might even break or harm our valuable goods.

However, if you have someone who will safely move all your stuff from one location to another, without you doing anything, then it can be less stressful for you.

Well, In that case, the smartest and easiest thing to do is to hire Movers and Packers Team.

What Does Movers & Packers Company Do?

Packer and Movers play a vital role in today's generation to help people move their stuff.  Similarly, Movers and packer companies will provide you with an experienced team to shift goods from one location to another, at an appropriate cost.

When we need to move from one place to another or if we need to shift office or apartment, we can hire people from Movers and Packers company to help. They provide us with experienced workers who can shift all our stuff without the need for us to do anything.

By hiring movers you can complete the task without any pressure, or stress and also in a very short time. 

Who are Movers and Packers?

Movers are packers are experienced workers who are hired to move people's offices or house stuff safely.

In today's time, people keep moving from one place to another in search of good opportunities. When you have just moved into a new place it's hard to ask for help.

In that case, hiring movers can be very helpful for you as they not only shift your goods in an organized way they also guide you to pack goods.

Qualities That Needed in Packer & Movers

Honesty & Reliability:

When you hire honest and reliable movers you can be confident about handing your precious or valuable things to them. That is the reason you have to hire someone whom you can trust with your belongings.

If your movers are not reliable there are chances of losing valuable stuff. To avoid that problem, before hiring the team you can do a little research about that company or you can ask someone who has already taken their service. Just don't hire the team until you fully trust them.


A good mover is one who does the work professionally and systematically. If you hire someone who is packing your stuff haphazardly, without any systematic order, you can face various difficulties.

But if there is someone who comes in time and starts packing things in a systematic way and moving the goods with proper care then you might not need to worry much. That is the reason you should choose a mover who is working professionally.

Licenses & Registrations:

Most of the mover and Packers companies are licensed and registered. When they have received a license from an authorised company we can trust them on their work. Without a PAN card or a company registration certificate, we should not trust them with our belongings.


The greatest benefit of hiring movers is that they have years of experience in that work, so they can do the work more efficiently. Moreover, they can also guide us in making decisions in the process of packing and moving the goods.

Skilled Team of Workers:

Skilled team workers make moving less stressful as they cover everything by themselves. They know almost every process from packing stuff to dropping it off at the destination, as they have years of experience in that work. Most importantly they are less likely to make any mistakes. 

Transparent Moving charges:

Movers and packers provide an affordable crystal clear deal to the customer. Most of the mover and packers company provides appropriate service at an appropriate cost. However, it is mainly determined by the amount of stuff there is to move and how big are they.

Best-Quality Packing Materials & Equipments:

If the movers use the best quality materials and equipment to pack and move the stuff there are fewer chances of damaging goods. So we need to be careful while choosing the equipment to pack our precious and valuable belongings.

How to Hire The Best Packers and Movers in Nepal?

Hiring movers and packers can be a  little challenging thing sometimes, as some companies or team does not provide a satisfying service as we wished. More importantly, we can not trust any with pour stuff without verifying their company registration certificate.

Here are some important Factors You Need to Do Before Hiring the Packers and Movers :

  1. Before hiring movers first thing you need to do is to analyze how much stuff/goods you have in your apartment or in your office. So you can figure out how big a van and team you will need to move your stuff out.
  2. At second you can ask any of your neighbors or relatives if they have recently hired any packer and movers team and ask them about their experience. If their movers team had provided a good service then you can out-list the name of that company.
  3. You can also do research by yourself on the internet. Look for a movers packer team near your location and carefully read their company's service, experience, and customer reviews as well. 
  4. After selecting the companies, if possible you can physically visit the company to be fully sure about that.
  5. Only hire a company that has a valid PAN card, company registration certificate, and GST registration certificate.
  6. After you trust the team you can discuss the payments. Only pay the appropriate amount of money, for that, you can ask other people how much they had paid for the same service and it can help you to figure out how much it can cost to shift your goods. 

Namaste Packers and Movers

If you are looking for a trusty and experienced movers and packers team in Nepal then you are in the right place. Namaste Packers and Movers company has been providing services in different places in Nepal such as Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and others.

Since its establishment, it has been helping various offices, businesses, as well as families in Nepal to move their stuff safely.

Namaste Packers and Movers do not only help you to move out your stuff safely they also do it more perfectly / smoothly and without any stress as they have years of experience in that field. The movers and packers team will also advise you in that process

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