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Namaste-Packers and Movers is one of the best moving and relocating logistic companies in Kathmandu valley. Namaste movers and packers provide all kinds of moving and boxing facilities like residential shifting, office shifting, corporate shifting, international shifting, and others.  Namaste-Packers and Movers is a professional and licensed company, extending its service to major cities in Nepal and abroad.

Packing and boxing your valuable goods is not an easy task as it requires lots of small and tiring work, like sorting goods and packing them differently. Not all the goods are the same in nature some are light and easy to handle whereas some are heavy and difficult packing and box, some may be bulky and unbreakable, and some may be small and fragile. Trust us if you are planning to move your flat, house or office it will be wise to seek advice and help of reliable packers and movers. Packing and boxing goods are the most important step in moving your goods as it defines the breakage-free relocation of your assets. Moreover, proper sorting and packing, and boxing of goods help quick and organized assembling of the goods in your new location. It is very important to make a detailed plan for packing and boxing your assets and goods.

Realizing this need for moving Namaste packers and movers we provide quality packing boxes and our team of professional and well-trained staff provides a breakage-free and reliable Packing and boxing service. Namaste packers and movers do all kinds of work-related to moving like dissembling, handling, boxing, packing, carrying, transporting, delivering, and assembling.

Packing and moving service process in brief

In Namaste packers and movers we first meet you to know your shifting requirements in detail. Then, make a detailed plan of your move based on your requirements. We then, start work with sorting small items, packing, and boxing your belongings. The process done for moving and packing in Namaste packers and movers are:

    We sort items into different categories depending on the size and handling requirement.

     For heavier furniture that requires dismantling and removing wirings, work is done carefully using proper tools and equipment. All those small hardware items like knot bolts and others are kept in separate plastic items and labeled. Other heavier main parts of furniture are then wrapped properly and boxed.

  • For wrapping furniture, we use 3 ply paper pads, corner protection, and vinyl tape to ensure breakage-free and safety of furniture.
  • For other more delicate items, we give extra protection using different crates for irregular furniture.
  • We wrap grass ware items and fragile items and then pack them tightly.
  • We provide quality material and boxes for packing goods.
  • After boxing the items we secure them properly with quality tape.
  • We then label all the boxes with the customer’s name, content it has, detailed location of delivery, and contact number.

Namaste packers and movers will be more than happy to help to move your valuable belongings and relocate goods to your desired location. We offer packing and boxing facilities inside and outside the Kathmandu valley, and abroad.

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